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If you’re looking for something fun to do on school holidays, a long weekend or during your visit to Auckland, try an Auckland Segway tour with Magic Broomstick Tours! E-scooters are having a bit of a ‘moment’ right now, but they’re actually not the only fun way of zipping around the City of Sails. Riding a Segway is something most people haven’t done before, and we’ll give you a quick lesson before you set off to make sure you’re confident and safe. Older children and adults of all ages can do it, and you’ll be feeling like a pro in no time! Just in case that’s not enough to convince you, here are our top five reasons to take an Auckland Segway tour with Magic Broomstick tours – the best Segway tours in Auckland.

Learn More About Devonport

As far as suburbs go, Devonport is what we like to refer to as a bit of a ‘quiet achiever’. The southernmost suburb in Auckland’s North Shore is beautiful and relaxed and has considerable history, dating back to 1350 with the arrival of one of the 1st Maori Canoes, the Tainui.  Devonport, originally named Te Hau Kapua, has a great atmosphere and so much to see and explore! Exploring Te Hau Kapua/Devonport is something everybody should do at least once – so why not do it by Segway?! Without giving everything away (let’s leave some surprises for the Segway tour!) Devonport is the main base for the New Zealand navy, so it played a big role in New Zealand’s defence from the 1880’s to World War II. As well hearing historical stories, you can see Victorian villas and wonderfully preserved buildings, glide effortlessly along the waterfront, have incredible views of Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland city and the iconic Sky Tower and Harbour Bridge and even explore the nearby Maunga/volcanic cones. 

Enjoy some fulfilling family time

Like we mentioned earlier, segway tours can be enjoyed by adults as well as older children. As long as you’re over the age of 10, you can climb stairs unaided and you can step on and off the segway with ease, you can ride with Magic Broomstick! Our Auckland Segway tours are incredibly popular with families – and for good reason too. Participating in a new experience together can create closer bonds and form precious lifelong memories. On your segway tour you’ll be able to get some fresh air, take photos together and perhaps discover a new experience that you can enjoy together more frequently. Our Auckland Segway tours are often booked for birthday celebrations, and we can build in games to make your experience even more fun. Whatever your reason for a segway tour, you’re bound to have plenty of laughs and leave with many tales to tell.


Experience a new Auckland team building activity

It can be difficult to find new team building activities in Auckland that haven’t been done a thousand times over. Next time you’re looking for a day out or a Christmas party idea in Auckland, try a Segway tour with Magic Broomstick. Get your staff or colleagues out of the office and break up an otherwise ordinary day with fun and games Segway-style in Devonport! For groups of between 6 and 25 people, we can offer a range of fun games and challenges which require your people to communicate and work effectively together. It’s a terrific way of bonding and getting to know one another while identifying individual strengths you may never have known existed! Our Auckland Segway games can help foster stronger and more resilient teams—and you get to be outdoors and having a blast while you’re at it!

Make your segway tour part of an epic Auckland day out

A Segway tour doesn’t have to be experienced in isolation… In fact, it can form part of the best day out in Auckland you’ve ever experienced! Our Segway tours range in duration from 45 minutes to 2½ hours If there’s something you’d like to see and do in Auckland city too, you can catch the ferry from the downtown terminal across to Devonport and back again. The ferry ride only takes 12 minutes and it’s always fun to get out on the water and see the harbour from a new perspective. If you’re driving from somewhere else in Auckland, free parking is available for three hours outside the ferry terminal building. Why not plan the ultimate day out, full of fun activities in Auckland and build an Auckland Segway tour into your itinerary? It may just be the highlight of your day… Or year!

It’s an eco-friendly way to explore!

We love our city, our country and our environment—and we do whatever we can to protect it for future generations. Transport and sightseeing options that utilise fossil fuels all contribute to our carbon footprint, but an Auckland Segway tour is an eco-friendly way to see the sights! Our modern Segways are operated by rechargeable batteries and use a range of different modern technologies for balance and propulsion. If you want to explore but you care about the natural environment as much as we do, you can rest assured that an Auckland Segway tour is good for our planet.

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